What are the 5 Exercises that will Not Help to Lose Weight?

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We believe that by making us sweat they allow us to lose weight. However, there are some exercises that, although they have many other benefits, do not help us lose weight. We tend to think that exercising only helps we lose weight, but this is false. There are exercises that will not help you lose weight and that, however, are perfect for those who have an optimal physical condition or want to strengthen muscles only. Keep reading that we will talk about these exercises below. Remember that, even if you need to lose weight, it is vital to work on other aspects of your body. Ideally you should include sports to burn fat and to strengthen muscles equally.Revision
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List of Exercises that Will Not Help You Lose Weight

Next, we will show you a list of exercises that will not help you lose weight. However, they will be ideal to maintain your current status and improve your physical endurance.

1. CrossFit

The CrossFit is one of the exercises that will not help you lose weight, but that has become fashionable in recent years. In fact, if you do a little research, you may find a gym that specializes in this technique close to home. Although it is a very intense sport, it is not suitable to eliminate extra kilos. What you can do if you practice it without having the proper physical condition is a serious injury.

  • We recommend you to practice CrossFit if you are at your ideal weight, you have a good condition and you are used to exercising.
  • In addition, it would be advisable to start with basic routines and monitor your diet to avoid decompensation.

2. Yoga

The yoga is the counterpart of CrossFit, although it is also one of the exercises that will not help you lose weight. While the previous one is strenuous and very intense, yoga is relaxed and extremely calm. It has been fashionable long before the CrossFit and is a good option to start introducing the sport in your life and improve breathing.

  • When it comes to calories, one hour of yoga involves burning about 150 calories.
  • By walking 30 minutes, you manage to burn around 311 calories.

If so far you have kept away from the sport, start with this to strengthen muscles.

3. Long Cardio Sessions

You may remember that, a few years ago, long cardio sessions became fashionable. You could find a way to practice it everywhere. However, what nobody knew is that it is one of the exercises that will not help you lose weight. In fact, it mainly improves aerobic endurance. Cardio is a great alternative for:

  • Improve strength.
  • Increase your elasticity.
  • Strengthen muscles.
  • Speed ​​up your metabolism

Although you will not burn large amounts of fat with a cardio session, we recommend it to take some physical condition.

“Make sure your weekly routine includes two 30-minute cardio sessions”.

Over time you will notice that it improves your breathing and ability to do tasks that may now cost you a lot of work. Two good examples of improvements are increase in speed when climbing stairs and improvement of breathing.

4. Pilates

The Pilates is another exercise that will not help you lose weight, and very similar to yoga. It is an exercise that has been practiced for several years and that has extraordinary contributions to health, including:

  • Improve flexibility.
  • It helps to relax and eliminates tension so it is perfect for the days of more stress.
  • Strengthens muscles
  • It allows you to recover from injuries smoothly and without putting yourself at risk.

It is a sport option for older adults who cannot do more demanding sports. In case you have suffered an injury that prevents you from moving normally, ask your doctor if you can practice pilates. In most cases it is advisable and very beneficial to recover movement.

5. Exercises that Work a Single Part of the Body

Other exercises that will not help you lose weight are those that work a single part of the body. In most cases, we practice them because they promise to burn the fat of a specific problem area. The reality is that most of us prefer to save as much effort as possible. Therefore, when a routine promises immediate results, we tend to believe it. However, you should know that to be healthy you have to work the body as a whole.

  • If you prefer to work specific areas, then organize your sports routine to work an area every day.
  • Also remember that it will be necessary to have the supervision of an expert to guide you and monitor your progress to avoid imbalances or injuries.

Depending on your characteristics, condition and needs, it is possible that including these exercises is the best option. You can only determine this in the company of your doctor and, if possible, a personal trainer.

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