What are the 7 Small Changes that help you to Lose Weight?

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At night we should eat light foods to avoid weight gain. We explain 7 tips that consist of small changes in your habits, and that you can easily incorporate into your lifestyle. If you put them into practice regularly, they can help you lose weight. A vitally important issue is learning to eat.  Fattening or losing weight does not only depend on the calories we eat, but in the way we do. Here are some recommendations:

  • Chew food well.
  • Do not eat standing or in a hurry.
  • Rest for at least 10 minutes before returning to the routine.
  • Do not drink too much in food.
  • Do not eat large quantities at once.
  • Enjoy the food but do not get obsessed with it.

The Fruit, Better off Meals

The fruit is very healthy and very necessary in our diet. We should consume two or three pieces of fresh fruit and seasonal each day, as it provides vitamins, minerals and fiber. However, because of its content in acids and sugars, and its rapid digestion, if we take it for dessert, it will worsen our digestive system. This is because it causes fermentations that can cause gas. Also, not being assimilated correctly, it will make us fat.

On the other hand, if we eat it mid-morning or mid-afternoon, the effect is totally opposite.

“Since the fruit is very satisfying, it helps us to prevent us from eating less healthy foods”.

The only exceptions we can make in the food are apples and pears, which are considered neutral fruits.Pure Greens
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Eat without Mixing too Much

We can all make exceptions when we have guests or eat out. However, on a day-to-day basis it is better for us to prepare simple menus with vegetables, cereals and proteins. In this way we have a complete and balanced menu. In turn, we facilitate an adequate absorption of nutrients. You can create a menu in the following way:

  • Vegetable: salad, vegetable, gazpacho, cream, soup, apple or pear
  • Cereal or starch: rice, pasta, potato, bread, etc.
  • Protein: meat, fish, egg, legume, nuts or vegetable protein

Protein helps Lose Weight

Carbohydrates give us energy for the whole day. However, if we abuse their consumption, and do not spend that energy, it will be transformed into a reserve and we will gain weight. On the other hand, at the other extreme we have diets with high protein consumption, and, which are also not healthy. This is because although you lose weight quickly, there may be an overload in the functioning of the kidneys and liver. Therefore, it is advisable to include a good amount of protein throughout the day, but without abuse. Not only will we burn more calories but we will also see how our waist is reduced.

Fiber for Good Intestinal Functioning

Fiber is essential for good intestinal function. Since if these organs do not work properly for different reasons such as constipation, diarrhea or any other gastrointestinal problem, the abdomen swells. Therefore, it is advisable to consume foods rich in fiber, such as fruits and vegetables daily. In addition, it is recommended that the carbohydrates are preferably always integral. We should also drink more water between meals.

From Mid Afternoon … Do not Eat Almost Anything

Each country has its schedules, and winter is not the same as summer. But the truth is that what we consume in the afternoon and at night we do not usually burn it. In addition, it makes us gain weight, makes sleep and rest difficult. Therefore, it is advisable to consume light foods such as vegetable creams, soups, salads, protein and infusions in the evening.

Eat Good Fats

You should know that a bun does not get fatter than an avocado, and you should not limit yourself to counting the calories. However, if you must keep in mind those healthy fats are essential for our body. Since they are useful to nourish the organs, moisturize the skin and mucous membranes. In contrast, harmful fats do not provide as many nutrients, and the body considers them “reserves.” Try to regularly choose healthy fats such as nuts, quality vegetable oils, fish or eggs. On the other hand, avoid hydrogenated fats, fried, and sausages.

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