Balanced Diet is the Key to have a Healthy Body!!

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In addition to following a balanced diet in which we include fruit, vegetables, and meat and fish it is also very important not to forget about proper hydration. The habits in the feeding can vary in each person, based on his age, metabolism and state of health. Although there are certain generalities that must be respected, it is essential to take these factors into account in order to find an appropriate diet. For many years it was thought that it was appropriate to “eliminate” certain food groups from the diet in order to maintain a healthy and balanced weight. However, this belief has collapsed and today it is known that it is essential to eat a bit of everything. The problem is that many continue to downplay what they eat and, despite the warnings, continue to consume products that do not provide the essential nutrients required by the body.

As a result, cases of overweight and obesity have increased and, of course, the numbers of patients with chronic diseases that reduce the quality of life have increased. Why is it important to eat balanced to have a healthy body? What should be taken into account to adopt a good diet? We’ll tell you then.

What is a Balanced Diet Plan?

A balanced diet plan is one that, to some extent, provides all the essential nutrients required by the body to function in optimal conditions. It is composed of varied, high quality foods, which help to raise the level of energy to improve physical and mental performance in each of the daily activities.

  • Keep in mind the type of food, but also the portions, the times they are consumed and the way they are prepared.
  • Meets the needs of the body, considering possible diseases, body weight and life stage.
  • It does not suggest excluding nutritional groups, but it helps to moderate certain foods that can be harmful if eaten excessively.

Why is it Important to Eat Balanced to Take Care of the Body?

“You are what you eat” … we have heard this phrase in hundreds of opportunities. Although many have decided to downplay it, in reality, it is quite right.

“The foods are those that contain nutrients that help to implement the functions of the entire body”.

For this reason, the healthier they are, the greater the feeling of well-being. A healthy diet, which’s number of calories does not exceed the recommended, helps to maintain a healthy weight and strengthens the defenses to prevent disease. At the same time, it intervenes in other vital processes that influence different aspects of physical, mental and emotional health.

What are the Keys to a Balanced Diet?

In order for the diet to be balanced, all excesses must be avoided. It is not about eating in large quantities, nor about reducing the total intake of calories as much as possible.

Eat Varied

Vary the foods in the diet is crucial to provide the body with all the nutrients it needs to function properly. Although it is recommended to moderate the consumption of fat and sugar sources, they should not be completely eliminated from the feeding plan.

Make sure you eat:

  • Fresh fruits and vegetables
  • Lean meats
  • Whole grains
  • Vegetable oils (olive, rapeseed or sunflower)
  • Nuts and seeds
  • Fish and seafood

Control Portion Sizes

Until a few years ago it was thought that it was right to consume three hearty main courses. Although today the custom remains in many people, it is recommended to divide the portions for four or five daily meals.

  • The small portions, ingested throughout the day, control the feeling of anxiety to eat and positively influence the activity of the metabolism.

Eat Slow

The body needs some time to send signals to the brain when it is satisfied. Therefore, at the time of eating, the indicated thing is to do it carefully, chewing food well.

Drink Plenty of Liquid

One of the main mistakes that people make in their diet is not consuming enough fluid. We cannot forget that water participates in all the vital processes of the body. Therefore, to have a healthy body, it is essential to eat it every day.

  • Instead of taking sweetened or industrial drinks, the ideal is to consume 6 to 8 glasses of water a day.
  • The water can be replaced by medicinal infusions or natural juices.

Do you want to feel full of energy? Do you want to improve your figure? Now that you know how important food is, try to improve it day by day.



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