How Does Blue Tea Helps you to Lose Weight Naturally?


Blue tea is an excellent resource for losing weight. Do you know all their benefits? We tell you in this article so that you can include it in your diet and take advantage of all its virtues. Going to blue tea to lose weight is definitely gaining popularity. Also known as Oolong tea or black dragon, it is a variety that has been the subject of countless studies in which it is shown that, in effect, it helps us to lose weight naturally. Its flavor is a mixture of sensations between green tea and red. Undoubtedly, a delight for the senses and for your health that you should not miss the opportunity to try. Blue tea has an excellent reputation among connoisseurs. It has a fine line and a pleasant taste, with incredible properties that make it unique and exceptional. It is also a variety that is becoming more known, and that will be easy to find, both in shops and in natural stores.

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It comes from the highlands of Taiwan and China, where it has always had a long tradition as a slimming drink; therefore, it is considered a healthy and natural way of losing pounds little by little. We tell you everything about it.

Blue Tea Properties

The usual consumption of blue tea can bring us the following properties:

  • It is excellent for losing weight. Its ability to increase metabolism is superior to other varieties of tea, so it allows us to burn fat naturally.
  • Accelerates liver metabolism, and also reduces cholesterol.
  • It is a great antioxidant.
  • Prevents and improves fatty liver.
  • It has good qualities to increase the body’s defenses, and could even help prevent several types of cancer.
  • Take care of the cardiovascular system, clean arteries and improve circulation.

Can You Use Blue Tea to Lose Weight?

The most recent study comes from the University of Colorado, in the United States; was published in the International Journal of Obesity and Related Metabolic Disorders; Of course, various international media were in charge of distributing the novelty.

“He said that blue tea prevents and helps fight both obesity and fatty liver”.

Also, researchers at the Medical Center of the University of Maryland have also concluded that blue tea is an excellent means to lose weight, due to its high content of antioxidants. These, they say, are higher than in green tea.

Why is it Good to Burn Fat?

Those who led this research argue that, thanks to its proper concentration of caffeine, blue tea stimulates the body to burn calories; In addition, it acts as a diuretic to eliminate fluids. On the other hand, its dose of catechins, which are excellent antioxidants, increase metabolism and levels of oxidation and thermogenesis?  The result is a significant fat burning effect. Lastly, their polyphenols help us to prevent type I diabetes. They also influence glucose metabolism in a very positive way.

How to Prepare and Drink Blue Tea to Lose Weight?


The way to prepare tea is an art; and we must know how to understand each variety in order to take advantage of its benefits. Blue tea has some specific rules that we are going to explain to you:

  • Add a teaspoon of blue tea leaves for each cup of water.
  • It uses mineral water.
  • If possible, use a teapot that is not made of metal, as this material removes many of the teas and infusions properties. The most beneficial are clay or earth, as used in the East.
  • To prepare a good blue tea, the water must be very hot, between 90 and 100 degrees centigrade. Once you have thrown the leaves and the water has boiled, let it rest for only three minutes. It is important that only that time passes because this variety of tea oxidizes quickly.

How Should I Take it?

Ideally, consume it one hour before the main meals, or an hour later. You must remember that tea contains tannins, so it prevents a good absorption of iron if we take it immediately after having eaten. You can take it twice a day. The important thing is to be constant, take it every day. Do not add sugar; if you want to sweeten it, use a teaspoon of honey or a little stevia.

Where can I Find Blue Tea?

Blue tea is becoming increasingly popular, so if you do not find it in the usual infusion section of your supermarket, you can look for it in natural stores. It is common to sell them in these establishments, since they are in high demand by consumers, both to lose weight and to treat diabetes. It is known as Blue Tea, Oolong Tea or black dragon. Its price is usually not very high and always offers great results.  Undoubtedly, blue tea is an option that deserves to be considered.


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