Tricks to Lose Weight Fast, Are They Really Effective?

If you are looking to lose weight fast tricks on the Internet, you will surely find thousands of results with formulas to achieve it, from the most extravagant to others that seem quite realistic. In fact, when the warm weather arrives and we abandon the thick winter coats, we discover that … we have a few extra kilos! Our advice is that you do not let yourself be overcome by despair. Try the different tricks but take your precautions: health comes first!

Tricks to Lose Weight Fast Without Risks

Losing weight is not a minor issue. Actually, most people are unhappy with their weight, but we live in a time when the paradigm of happiness is being thin. This has several risks, especially for children and adolescents who do not know how to differentiate advertising from information and want to see themselves as their favorite characters from movies or television.

Take into account that each person has an appropriate weight; this weight is what allows you to feel good and perform your activities, considering your age, build, activity and health status. Referring to the hundreds of quick weight loss tricks you can find, it is important before putting them into practice to consult with your doctor to make sure that they will not put your health at risk:

  • Dehydration: Check if the trick is to eliminate liquids using preparations with medicinal herbs. This trick creates the feeling that you lose weight and volume when in reality you are only losing fluid. Natural preparations consumed in excess can be harmful and in fact lose excess fluid leads to dehydration. Dehydration has serious consequences because it makes the blood less fluid, increasing cardiovascular problems, kidney problems and imbalance of body temperature. Dehydration also causes flaccidity and prevents the tissues from regaining elasticity and returning to their normal appearance.
  • Fatigue and fatigue: diets restricted in nutrients cause the body, to maintain reserves, consume less energy than it receives leading to fatigue and poor sleep, with the consequent bad mood and increased stress.
  • Muscle injuries: Analyze the trick to check if you require an inappropriate physical activity, since the risk is that the body consumes energy from the muscle mass instead of using the reserves of fat. The muscles weaken and can be injured. The same with bones: make sure your bone mass will not weaken.
  • Rebound effect: the trick to lose weight fast must include measures of maintenance of the weight reached, since one of the worst things that can happen is that you gain weight again quickly once the diet is over.
  • Bulimia, anorexia: try that the miraculous diet does not lead you to obsess over weight to avoid being a victim of serious eating disorders such as bulimia or anorexia.

The Best Tricks to Lose Weight Fast

Below, the keys to lose weight fast and stay at the weight achieved, in a healthy and permanent way:

  • Start with small changes: start your diet by reducing the size of the portions and eliminating the foods that get fatter and less needed, such as sweets, soft drinks, snacks and other foods rich in fats, salts and sugars.
  • Do not eat until you’re satisfied: it’s always good to stop eating when you feel full, but … do you know when that happens? In fact, the brain takes about twenty minutes to record the amount of food in the stomach; that’s why you may already be full and your brain has not noticed yet. It is best to stop eating when you feel satisfied but not full.
  • Eat more often: take smaller portions more often. Includes healthy snacks.
  • Remember the healthy “five a day” rule: five servings of vegetables in the form of fruits, vegetables and vegetables. You can also include nonfat dairy products and fibers.
  • Get moving: the best of the tricks to lose weight fast. If you have a few extra kilos and you have not moved for a long time, with only twenty minutes of moderate daily walking you will get wonderful results.

Tips to Lose Weight Fast or … Lose Money?

From the point of view of advertising, ads that promise to lose weight fast, without diet, without exercise, without effort … cannot help but hide something doubtful! While they may be innocuous, some contain elements that can be harmful to health. We are not saying here that you do not try those tricks to lose weight fast but that you have in mind that, in the end.

“The only way to lose weight and lose weight in a healthy way is to eat fewer calories and perform more physical activity”.

And this is a very economical way to lose weight without having to purchase costs that, under the promise of rapid weight loss; you will only lose your time and your money. This interesting booklet of the Federal Trade Commission of the United States warns about the declarations of the advertising of products to lose weight, from supplements to devices. The reasonable thing is to lose approximately half a kilogram per week, which is achieved with a reduction of 500 calories per day, healthy eating and physical exercise; Any promise of greater weight loss through tricks such as pills, patches, creams, shakes, supplements will probably not lead you to the expected results. Remember that the key is in changing habits. Only then will you lose weight and you will be able to maintain the right weight throughout your life.


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